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*Just to clarify, we are located in WINNIPEG, MANITOBA!!*

*Rinks are CLOSED Jan. 19-21th due to warm weather*


Our Satellite site FRANK WHYTE the Rink is OPEN for public skating.  Check for hours listed under the tab Contact us!



Thank you to everyone who donated to our Christmas Hamper this year.  You made one family very happy during the holidays!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


It is with great sadness to announce that we lost a very special person who was a huge impact to Northwood and it’s community.  Dave Fenn was a tremendous person who took pride in volunteering his time to make Northwood what it is today.  He was always there to lend his hands, his knowledge, his skills, and his time to Northwood and its employees.  He made sure the hockey rinks and baseball diamonds were up to par and took much pride in doing so. He looked after everything at Northwood whether it was maintenance, hall rentals, sports, events, programs etc.  If you ever stepped into Northwood you knew who he was. He was and will always be remembered as “Mr. Northwood”.  

Rest In Peace Dave!

July 1, 2017



Northwood Community Centre has been providing services to our local area since 1953. We offer hockey, soccer programs for youth in our area. The centre is managed by GCWCC as well as a small committee of volunteers and funded by the City of Winnipeg as well as monies raised through bingo and hall rentals.

Our Objective : To plan and initiate or conduct a variety of recreational and leisure activities suited to the needs and requirements of the residents of the designated area; To communicate with the residents of the designated area so as to determine their needs for recreational and leisure activities, and to insure that they are aware of the activities and programs being offered by the Centre; To administer and operate the Centre in accordance with the Operating Responsibilities as approved by the GCWCC and the City of Winnipeg Community Services Department; To prepare budget, financial and activity reports for presentation to the City of Winnipeg Community Services Department; To promote activities through which funds may be raised to support the activities of the centre; To plan for the continued operation of the Centre and its programs through recruitment and training of volunteers; To provide delegates to and support the programs and policies of the District Community Centres Board and the General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres.