Hall Prices
Gym - Up to 150 people: $285 Between 151 and 262 people $345.00 (GST/PST included)       
MPR  - Up to 78 people: $200 (GST/PST included)                                           
*Rate is per 4 hours

Security deposit for both the gym and the MPR is $80.00
(Security/Damage Deposit is refundable within 21 days after your event and not included in Rental Fee)
Rental Includes:
1. Use of Kitchen
2. Set up and take down (tables & chairs)
Your Responsibilities are:
1. Clean kitchen at the end of function
2. Remove all decorations
3. Clear tables
4. Remove all garbage and recycling to bins located outside

5. Ensuring no garbage is put into recycling bins


  • A cancellation fee of 10% of the contract amount if cancellation is confirmed more then 30 days prior to your event.

  • A cancellation less than 30 days prior to your event. will result in a forfeiture of the amount on your contract.

*Note: If using a bouncer, it must be rented from a company that is insured by the City of Winnipeg for liability insurance purposes*